Playing with the term ‘Society Mental Block’

Imagine an imaginary fence placed to fullfill cultural obligations and seek approvals. How thick is this fence is a question totally relative to the person in a specific situation. How far it goes and how soon till one make a decision play a vital role in the overall decisiveness process.

“We sometimes look beyond the fence and get shut down, or look inside and get praised, there is a Mental Block in our Society”

It’s an unpleasent gesture posed on us to create a need to sacrifice some of our own freedom to receive approvals unless we persist and persevere. And that’s a different talk!.

How many times will you be able to go up against a system and get shut down with -You can’t. It was never done before’-?. Traditions and Cultureal Demands will always stand in the way, as if it’s glued to the brains of many and thats a fact we must accept.

“With all the nonsense packaging that comes with it to the Male Gossib gatherings. -The Diwaneyas-“

Its spread amongst almost everybody in different forms ranging from racism to tribal belonging, to grade A families and grade B families. With all the nonsense packaging that comes with it to the Male Gossib gatherings. The ‘Diwaneyas’.

It doe’s affect almost everybody, this is the power of the environment around you and there is no escape from it. It blinded most people, and either they blame the system or blame themselves is totally up to them. The Greats did rise up from much uglier situations, and they give no excuses.

A piece I came across in the book by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner’s book; “Think Like a Freak.” Here it explains the fake mental limitation in a beautiful sense…

From the book [Think Like A Freak]
In one experiment, cyclists were told to pedal a stationary bike at top speed for the equivalent of 4,000 meters. Later they repeated the task while watching an avatar of themselves pedaling in the earlier time trial. What the cyclists didn’t know was that the researchers had turned up the speed on the avatar. And yet the cyclists were able to keep up with their avatars, surpassing what they thought had been their top speed.

“It is the brain, not the heart or lungs, that is the critical organ” – Roger Bannister.

It is the brain, not the heart or lungs, that is the critical organ”, said the esteemed neurologist Roger Bannister, best known as the first human to run the mile in less than four minutes.
All of us face barriers—physical, financial, temporal—every day. Some are unquestionably real. But others are plainly artificial—expectations about how well a given system can function, or how much change is too much, or what kinds of behaviors are acceptable. The next time you encounter such a barrier, imposed by people who lack your imagination and drive and creativity, think hard about ignoring it. Solving a problem is hard enough; it gets that much harder if you’ve decided beforehand it can’t be done.”

Excerpt From: Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner. “Think Like a Freak.” iBooks.

Featured Image Tribute: To those who went after their dreams, and made it happen!. The #JazeeraRunKuwait 230 km Runners.

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