The Battle Within is The One to Win

Since childhood we face battles. Some we conquer and some conquer us. Starting with fighting bullies at school, or the bad teacher who tried to disappointment us when we were just daring to present our ideas to a classroom of twenty-something kids.

Then comes the emotional teenage phase filled with breakdowns and fault attachments interpreted as -I love you forever and ever-. To the bad friends and environment at early twenties and all the wrong paths taken or could have taken. And the family guidance to a so-called recovery phase filled with guards more harmful than prison cells. And comes the team leader at work with all the insecurities on the surface calling for never ending favors and deeds seeking unearned recognition.

Then comes the late twenties to forties’ culture duty call and all the judgmental comments for not obeying, and for your under-delivered stupid cultural obligations.
The ‘why’ question at its prime; why risk, why do why become, and all sort of destructive talks.

Only with perseverance; you grow up witnessing two different standards. One that belongs to those around you, and one that solely concerns you. And you fight that battle as well, to prove that opinions matters and actions are proofs.
You either grow numb and fit in with many, or you acquire ‘Rebel of Society’ as your ongoing label.

So many of the people I worked with on Personal Development look for specific answers to many battles and questions. Overseeing the only battle that matter…the battle within. To decide and position your mind every single day to be the David in the Goliath story, to believe in yourself truly and trust your abilities, and to take advantages and opportunities seriously; Is a one of a kind battle. It’s the battle within. And it either make you or break you.

With perseverance and ongoing fortitude, we realize that only by identifying this battle and neglecting all others; we truly become fighters who won, and not just scripted written stories to go on the library shelf of human lost potential among thousand others. The cemetery of what could have been. Society’s most admirable objective.

Perseverance through all of this is difficult because it’s an ongoing mental set. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? no greatness is achieved without painful obstacles. It’s through those obstacles, greatness becomes inevitable.

Fight your battle. Not your battle(s).

Written by @YousefAlQanai

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