Why We Do What We Do. NetWalk 2017 | Forward Live Ep 5

March 23, 2017.YousefAlQanai.0 Likes.1 Comment

“There is a depth behind why we do what we do”. – YousefAlQanai

There is depth behind any force and to any deeply driven vision, every once in a while at Forward Sports, we sit and discuss the main question behind all our efforts. The ‘Why We Do What We Do?’ question.

All of us at Forward Sports believe at a core level that for every endeavour to reach its goal and achieve success, it must mean something much deeper than delivering a service or producing an event. There must be a clear purpose, a hidden meaning, a deeply united vision, the willingness to never accept failure as an end result and to conquer obstacles with fortitude.

Watch the video below showing the feel and experience hidden behind what we do, and try to spot the answer to the question ‘Why We Do What We Do?’. If you fail to spot it, then know that for some people, it is about the feeling beyond the words.


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  • mater . March 26, 2017 . Reply

    Me & my children happy when we remember that day it,s good program, good staff // thanks for all //.

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